To Sell is Human (by Daniel H. Pink)

This book is describing how sales changed from “door-to-door villain salesman” to contemporary sales, which is done by everyone, not just salespeople.

It was an easy read (4h) and I would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in sales or behavioral psychology.

Book notes

  • Almost half of your work time, you’re doing non-sales selling, which is just trying to move (influence) others.
  • The line between sales and other departments is blurring.
    • Atlassian had $100+ million in revenues without a single salesman.
  • Sales is a service helping people to make the best decision.
  • Understand other’s people problems.
    • Problem finders people are far more valuable.
  • Being positive makes buyers also positive and more likely to trust you and buy from you.
    • 3:1 ratio positivity to negativity.
  • Help customers see their problems and solutions more clearly.
    • Don’t overwhelm buyers with options (less is more).
    • Emphasize the experiences they will gain (not just the material objects).
    • Focus on your potential.
  • Give buyers a clear method of action to take.
  • Modern pitches need to be short and engaging (must fit into Tweet).
  • Use improvisational theatre techniques to improve your sales.
    • Your buyer's answers are "offers", not objections.
    • "Yes, and..." - agreeing and adding a suggestion.
  • Give real value - You have to believe in the product you’re selling and that it makes customer's life better.
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