Learning how to do nothing

In the last few years, I spent my time reading, listening, or watching some interesting content whenever possible. I was hungry to learn more and understand everything.

My mind was constantly occupied.

At the slightest hint of boredom, you can now surreptitiously glance at any number of apps or mobile-adapted websites that have been optimized to provide you an immediate and satisfying dose of input from other minds. It’s now possible to completely banish solitude from your life.

Cal Newport (source)

After reading several articles on this topic, I’ve realized that I’m not spending any time on my own - just me and my own thoughts.

The feed is surely interesting, but also infinite. I can never read it all. I need to learn how to do nothing again.

Since January, I stopped using Twitter, unsubscribed from most newsletters and cleaned up my phone from distracting apps.

I don't automatically pick up the next podcast or audiobook whenever I have a moment. Instead, I try to enjoy and appreciate time just with my own thoughts.