My Use Cases for Advanced Github Search

I’ve been overseeing many different repositories at Lokalise and that means also knowing and keeping track of what libraries are in use and in what version.

I always knew that GitHub has a search functionality, but until recently, I didn’t realize that I can use it exactly for this purpose.

Here are a few use cases that help me keep an overview.

Find out what versions of package X do we use in different repositories

In my case, the package X is React. I was trying to find out what React versions we still use. This search command gave me the answer.

org:lokalise path:**/package.json react-dom NOT is:archived

Find out how many files with extension X do we have

Github Search returns also the amount of files that match the search. With that, you can also easily find out how many files of certain type you have in your organization.

In my case, I was looking for how many React components we have.

A small problem is that once you get over 1000s, it will give you just an approximate number, but in my case, that was still good enough.

org:lokalise path:**/*.tsx NOT is:archived
GitHub Search for .tsx files.
GitHub Search for .tsx files.

Find out how many files use styled-components

We’re in a process of migrating from styled-components to native CSS (which is more web friendly). With this search, I can track easily how the migration is going.

org:lokalise "from 'styled-components'" NOT is:archived
GitHub Search for file import
GitHub Search for file import